Hello folks

Posted by Guest on 2015/3/2 22:19:19
Hello folks,

Just came across this soft and I was just quick reading and trying make it work.
Actually I was about to use Kodi plugin but for some reason it doesnt work.
By looking into logs I can not see anything obvious, there is only error say nothing else.
So than I thought if this wasnt working I install this windoze server, but suprisingly it does need a paid licence.
Well, I dont have problem to donate, as im into linux and even doing some opesource on RPi ect. But honest, not really into pay for windoze thing

Not sure where to post or how to post a bug as this forum is not very clear to me.
Also not sure how to report a bug if even dont know what is it as cant find anything in Kodi logs.

Any thought on this? Could someone give some direction here?

Thanks in advance

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