Re : : Hi all (Help needed, I'm tearing my hair out :cry:)

Posted by S├ębastien on 2013/3/29 9:44:51

Your router settings are wrong ...
Do you have some network knowledge or not ?

In Enigma-TV you have set the web port at 80 for public and 80 also for local, then for stream you set 8080 for public and 8080 for local. That's ok.

Now in your router, you have set 2 redirections rules :
1 for the web and anotherone for the stream, that's also ok.
BUT, the ports assigned are completelly wrong.
So :
For the rule 'WEB' you will only set 1 redirection that will be 80-80 to 80-80 in TCP mode
For the rule 'STREAM' you will only set 1 redirection taht will be 8080-8080 to 8080-8080 in TCP mode

Then (as I find your router options very strange, not really standard) I hope it will work by calling the web media player from outside using http://YourPublicIP:80

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