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Posted by Dam0 on 2013/6/2 13:26:38
as for the forum thread, unfortunately i cannot see any reply options on that webpage, but if you could pls add for me the following msg...

as for xbmc integration, all that you would require is an addon called "LiveStreams". then you will manually generate an *.xml file looking similar the following syntax;

title>Senal TV</title>
link>rtmp:// swfUrl= live=true timeout=15 pageUrl=</link>

you would then set the resulting *.xml to be loaded by the addon at startup.

im not 100% sure, as i do not have e2 setup just yet, but "maybe" the format may not require the url for the player.

pls report back if this works, as i intend to setup using this method.

of coarse, the strm: will still need to be set prior manually as you currently would.


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