Re: Public web control not work

Posted by S├ębastien on 2014/4/28 23:39:07
Again :

You run Enigma-TV in your home, it should be connected to your dreambox, you should have selected providers to share, set a password for the web and set the web & stream ports ( local and public )
Then in your router ( at home ) you have to forward the external web port to the internal web port ON the IP of the computer where Enigma-TV is running ... Same for the stream port.
You only need the Enigma-TV server tool in your home running as I explained in 'Internet Control' mode with the settings I just described ... YOU DON'T NEED Enigma-TV at any other places !

Then from outside of your network ( in your office for example ), you can access the Web Media Player using a simple web browser like Chrome by using the url like :
Or tou can also use a client tool as distributed on Android, iOS, XBMC and PC !

I cannot explain better than that, I hope you will understand this time.

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