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Posted by professor on 2017/9/13 12:57:55
Hi So I have a receiver and it runs it's two web servers the built in one htmlapi and e2webif

how it all works is that if stream request to port 8001 with an E2-Service-ref will return an redirect link to the real titan dataport 22222 with titan-Service-ref.
The client-app must then use the redirect-URL for the stream.

For example a stream request for E2 service 1:0:1:40b:16:2f:6400000:0:0:0:

return the redirect url to the real streamlink with port 22222 and Titan service 1035%2c3080214

Enigma tv does not seem to be able to stream channels when I set it up correclty.

if I go to my internet browser and type in the following commands I get a download of an m3u8 file from my satellite reciever:

This m3u8 file that has the following data inside:


if I open the m3u8 file with video lan it plays the stream no worries.

but in the debug window in enigma tv this is what I get:

13/09/2017 10:18:24 PM 
Zap to TVNZ 2 +1
URL with User
/Password http://root:@
VLC Option 1 = :http-reconnect=true
Sent HTTP command 
: /web/stream.m3u?ref=1:0:1:40e:16:2f:6400000:0:0:0:&name=nothing
VLC Option 2 
= :audio-track=1
Sent HTTP command 
The remote server returned an error: (404Not Found.
Sent HTTP command : /web/epgnext?bRef=1:7:1:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:FROM BOUQUET "" ORDER BY bouquet

in the above debug data it has the two below lines:

/web/stream.m3u?ref=1:0:1:40e:16:2f:6400000:0:0:0:&name=nothing VLC Option 2 = :audio-track=1

the top url is wrong is should be on port 8080 and get automatically redirected to and start playing.
the bottom url is correct but I get error 404 so there must be a port issue but the debug does not show the port number.

I believe enigma tv cant handle the redirection but I need a proper debug log to figure out what is going wrong.

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