Re : : Enregistrer l'application

Posted by Sébastien on 2012/12/1 1:28:28
J'ai trouvé ça :

This is just a guess but what is your Form.AutoScaleMode set to? It is defaulting to the AutoScaleMode.Font Enumeration on my system even though the documentation says it defaults to AutoScaleMode.None. You may want to look at this MSDN link on AutoScaling also.

None - Automatic scaling is disabled.

Font - Controls scale relative to the dimensions of the font the classes are using, which is typically the system font.

Dpi - Controls scale relative to the display resolution. Common resolutions are 96 and 120 DPI.

Inherit - Controls scale according to the classes' parent's scaling mode. If there is no parent, automatic scaling is disabled.

Je vais me pencher sur ça demain.
En attendant, peux-tu faire un test : modifie la taille d'écriture dans Windows et dis moi si ça change qqchose.


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