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Streaming on local network to Android problem

I have set up everything like on the help video's.
What does work :
I see channels on the server program : OK
I see channels on my laptop (win7) on Chrome so webTV in browser works : OK

On my android phone I have downloaded the app and filled in the correct settings :
IP :
webport 90
streamport 9000
pasword : as filled in the server and working on the browser
Then the verion on the Youtube movie is different as on my phone.
But I leave the settings like they are default.

When I then want to save the program looks for the server and i get a "No connection" error after about 10 seconds.

The firewall on the server computer is disabled for now so all ports should be open. Since streaming works to the laptop, why does it not want to connect on my android.
Bough are on the same Wifi access point and in the same network range.

Posted on: 2015/5/13 21:47

CAnnot post

Howmany posts do I have to make before I can ask help on the HELP section?
Again, none of the vital functions of the program work without a trial registration.
Is that correct?
How I can I test to see if it suits my needs?

And how to post questions on the forum as beginner?
The way thios is all set up does not give me much confidense in the program as all seems to be very limited to get answers

Posted on: 2015/5/12 23:00

Tom from Belgium


I want to test out this programm but none of the functions seems to work without registration.
I'll ask about that in the help forum

Posted on: 2015/5/12 22:55