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Re: How do i connect to my LX2


Sébastien wrote:

How can you get some TV if the tool is not connected to your box ?
It seems that the LX2 box is Enigma2 OS based ... So it should work ok with Enigma-TV !
Have you watched the help videos to understand the tool ?
I advice you to do this.

Best regards,

I have seen them but i will have another look.

Thanks you

Posted on: 2015/9/16 21:01

How do i connect to my LX2

Hi i have just bought a licence to Enigma-tv and i have got my licence key and registered on the website and i can see some tv.

But my question is how do i connect to my enigma LX2 box

Hope someone can help me

Posted on: 2015/9/15 21:52


Hi i am new here i hope to read and learn about enigma tv

I am now retired and have a lot of spare time to fill

Posted on: 2015/9/15 15:13