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Re: Hello from Sweden

Hello Again !!

Thank you for your fast reply!

Great to hear that the apps are free

I kind of thougt that was the deal with the Enigma-TV Server tools for PC but it is good to know for sure, thank you.

I'll try the apps as soon as possible.

Best Regards


Posted on: 2016/1/7 17:41

Hello from Sweden

Hello from Sweden !

Have yet to buy a license but i want to evaluate some more first. So far it seems like a real good tool

A question, i think i read the answer already in the forum thu, but just need to be sure, if I buy one (1) licens, can i move that between different devices depending on where or how i would like to watch?

I'll probarbly want to use it on holidays abroad, with my IPAD, Phone, different computer(s) etc.

Keep up the good work!

Bets regards


Posted on: 2016/1/7 16:23