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Re: Run server on my NAS

Is there no one on this forum who knows how to make an app that you can run on a NAS?
cause when the server runs on a PC, the PC has to be on.
And thats not always the case, and more expensive then a NAS. And a NAs is on 24/7.

I realy hope someone else is having the same idea as me...

Posted on: 2014/10/5 12:29

Re: VLC PLayer ?


rm2000 wrote:

Can you please explain why I am not able to use a
newer vlc player instead of the default one. I have windows 8.1 with dm8000.

When I use the web tv I get no issue with the latest player on my
laptop. but when I use Enigma tv I get a black screen.
I rename the old one while adding the new one as vlc in
the C:\Users\usename\EnigmaTV folder. Any idea what can be the reason?

With the previous version it has worked fine. Also I have
unchecked to check vlc on startup.



Good question. I was trying to use newer VLC versions also without any luck.

Posted on: 2014/5/26 12:51

Re: Mongoose 5.1


Sébastien wrote:
Great that you get it working !

But what does it really bring to have latest version ?

Its still a server. So there are always some security fixes etc.

Posted on: 2014/5/26 12:44

Re: Mongoose 5.1

5.4 is released , but i still cant get it to work.
can someone help me to set it up please?

EDIT: Never mind i got it.

Posted on: 2014/5/12 2:59

Re: Enigma-TV E2 Plugin on OpenPli 3

Sorry i ment Openpli 4

Posted on: 2014/1/22 14:40

Re: Mongoose 5.1

Before it brought us more speed.
So why dont try newer versions to see whats the difference?

Tried to replace it with 5.1 but it starts complaining about the port.

Posted on: 2014/1/22 14:37

Mongoose 5.1

Mongoose 5.1. Or can i add it myself like we did before?

Posted on: 2014/1/19 15:16

Re: Run server on my NAS

To bad, i hope someone will make this possible in the future.

Posted on: 2014/1/19 14:31

Re: Enigma-TV E2 Plugin on OpenPli 3


easydone wrote:
Is it possible to make the plugin compatible with OpenPli?
It would be a wonderfull add-on for my drambox.

It doesnt work for me either.
cant use enigma tv with openpli 3

Posted on: 2013/12/23 16:54

Run server on my NAS

I have a Synology NAS it would be awesome if i could run enigma tv server on it.

Posted on: 2013/12/23 16:53

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