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Re: first install problems encountered.

ok, so install vie copy contents to correct folder and reboot was succesful.

program runs well, but for me is unwatchable im afraid.

my signal has frequent drop outs, ans when this occurs enigmatv stream stops. when i selct the play button, it starts to replay the previous stream, and not a live feed.

another issue im experiencing, is my xbmc VU+ addon, refuses to display images/sound when "params" file is in place on stb, and therefore enigmatv streamer plugin is enabled.

any help much appreciated,

Posted on: 2013/7/6 6:01

Re: first install problems encountered.

as for the connection errors, i simple close and re-open enigma-tv fixed that issue, but without the associated add-on, im only able to receive approx 2 x seconds of stream atm.

thanks for the link, however when i copy the extracted contents of the *ipt into /usr/ and reboot the e2, when i open the plugins browser, i get a warning screen to the effect that " *.py has incorrect magic number"?

im using pkteam image on triplex incase this makes a diference.

actually, will mips32el code run on e2 spark?

thanks in advance,

Posted on: 2013/6/29 1:32

Re: first install problems encountered.

sorry for the double post.

but i cannot find the edit button.

when i turn on webserver and connect to local ip using the menu option on local pc, everything seets to run fine.

but when i open web-browser on other lan pc, type in http://localip:streaming port nothing happens, and if i enter http://localip:88 i get the enigmatv logon screen, but ALL videos/live channels say access denied?

any suggestions?


Posted on: 2013/6/26 9:08

first install problems encountered.

ok, so ive installed the application and filled out the registration.

when i move to extras tab, and fill in the settings, i get error message when i transmit settings and plugins.

"the remote server returned error (550) file unavailable (eg file not found, no access."

any help will be appreciated.


Posted on: 2013/6/26 7:53

Re: Re : : New User = Dam0

as for the forum thread, unfortunately i cannot see any reply options on that webpage, but if you could pls add for me the following msg...

as for xbmc integration, all that you would require is an addon called "LiveStreams". then you will manually generate an *.xml file looking similar the following syntax;

title>Senal TV</title>
link>rtmp:// swfUrl= live=true timeout=15 pageUrl=</link>

you would then set the resulting *.xml to be loaded by the addon at startup.

im not 100% sure, as i do not have e2 setup just yet, but "maybe" the format may not require the url for the player.

pls report back if this works, as i intend to setup using this method.

of coarse, the strm: will still need to be set prior manually as you currently would.


Posted on: 2013/6/2 13:26

New User = Dam0

hey, im the "New Guy",

looking at setting up my enigma2 svb-s2 stb, and this software looks real handy.

hopefully i will not be posting for help too much, as im a windows boy, with very little "Nix" background.

id also like to respond to the question in the help forum with regards to xbmc integration.

thanks in advance,

Posted on: 2013/6/2 5:16