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Re: Simple but true

Hi Sebastien
"Oh what a long description and analyze "
This is what the problem of mankind is - we make it difficult for ourselves when we should have listened to others.

Hopefully I demonstrated that, Next time I listen / watch / read the developers instructions.
Great program. Very pleased.

Posted on: 2013/8/16 10:41
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Re : : Simple but true

Hi & welcome !

Oh what a long description and analyze
This is true but people are first frustrated when it <<doesn't work>> and I understand this ...
I decided to make videos to better help people, sometimes with videos it is easier to understand the thing than with a documentation as pdf ...
The forum is also there to bring help each others ... I mean this project is to create an app where we add functions that we all need. Lots of tools comes from ideas users brought, amazing ! (I <<only>> do programming )
For sure the app is complex if you have no IT knowledge but becomes easy when you manipulate it some time. The most important is to understand network routing ...

Great new : still working on it but is on good phaze, still testing a lot all the new things in it ... new Android and iOS 'real' client apps will come with ... big surprise ... in some weeks ...

Best regards,

Posted on: 2013/8/15 19:21
Administrateur & Développeur Enigma-TV
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Simple but true

Hi Sebastien and all.

I am a newbie to playing with Satellite Receivers and have realised that it is not as obvious and as structured as we would like.

When I see some advert the wording usually advises the purpose behind the product. When you get the manual there is usually a statement of purpose and technical details to help install. So when I set about looking to stream my Satellite via the internet I thought it would be simple. It was not and so I thought I would share my experience with you all as I see that with in the help section there is confusion re where Enigma TV should be installed and used etc.

Browsing various forums (not just here) there is an assumption that everyone knows what they are doing but inreality we are all learning and experimenting.

Naturally having got my lan access up to my box I wanted to progress to internet and so purchased Enigma Tv.
Silly but I actually installed it on my laptop when away from home and following the instruction configured it for my lan and it worked.

I had difficulty changing channels and started to use the help forum where i saw a few lengthy emails about understanding the purpose of Enigma Tv.

In one of the emails Sebastien advised users to watch the videos.
Voilla!! it is obvious, Enigma is meant to be set up on a computer that need to be online all the time if you wish to access it 24/7 and then you access your IP via internet explorer etc.

Once I did that there were no issues with Enigma Tv.

The morale of the post is :-
Watch the videos.

I appreciate I am a numpty but I can't be the only one

Posted on: 2013/8/15 12:35
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