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Re: Report from beta-testing


Yep in Beta1 there are some bugs and most of then you reported have also been reported by other beta testers.

Please we continue to debug in the Beta Testers post.

Thanks a lot for your analyse, I will reply in the beta testers post and tell you what I stil corrected.
This week I will send the beta testers a beta2 !

Best regards,

Posted on: 2014/9/8 20:31
Administrateur & Développeur Enigma-TV
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Report from beta-testing

I have done some testing of your new version, EnigmaTV server Beta 1, EnigmaTV Android app version 2.0, and EnigmaTV Player for Windows.

I first installed the new server version on the Win32-machine where I already hade the earlier release-version ( running. As I just copied the files from the zip to c:\EnigmaTV, it did not "install" as such, and therefore not taking the setup from my earlier installation. At first run, it downloaded vlc and (probably) the ZazouMiniWebServer, and the server program started OK.
It connected to my Dreambox (DM800 SEV2 with WebIF ver 1.7.5) without problems. I could operate the functions in the serverwindow without problems. When starting webserver (Internet control mode), I received C++ error R6034. By OK-ing this, a new R6034 popped up, all in all 4 times. However, the webserver then started, and I could reach it from my Android clients. If I remeber correctly, there wre no problems with changing channels from the Android.
At this time I left the testing, and when coming back to continue a few hours later, my Dreambox crashed when I tried to change channel. The Dreambox then did a soft reboot (restarting only Enigma, not the full Linux), the EnigmaTV tried again to change channel, new crash, and so on until I cancelled change on the Android. Following a full restart of all devices, same scenario. Trying to change port number, same result.

I then installed the EnigmaTV server on a Windows 2012 server, and there I did not get the R6034-error. Webserver started OK. Same problem with Dreambox crashing when changing channel from Android. No problem when changing channels "locally" in EnigmaTV's interface.

Since both the machines tried so far, were implemented in VMWare, I dug up a physical HP-box with clean new Win7/32-installation. Webserver started without error here, but still the same problem with changing channels.

The channel changing problem is not consistent. On all the three machines mentioned, I could do one or a number of changes successfully before a crash would happen. After the first crash, it seems it would always crash until program restarted (not quite sure here, if it was only server, only client, only Dreambox, or all three.) I can not tie the problem to any specific channel, it happens with different channels.

I have taken a look at the output in the debug window when debug is set to on, and as far as I can see, the URL's given there are exactly the same when it is initiated from locally, or when it is initiated from Android. However, when a change from Android leads to a crash in Dreambox, there is a delay between the debug output of the URL and the next lines containing VLC options.

The user/pwd and service reference in the URL in debugwidow are correct, as far as I can see.

I have not been able to get the Windows Player client to work with any of the setups I have tried. I does not connect at all, hanging with the "Settings"-box never closing.
However, using a connection in webbrowser directly seems to work fine, changing channels makes no problem there.

One particular thing I notice, is that there are lots of lines in the log (weblog?) available from the menubutton, all with this text (data/time varies, of course):
07.09.2014 19:49:07 : 07.09.2014 19:49:07 : Data at the root level is invalid. Line 1, position 1.
I can not see that there are any correlation between these and the times of crashing.

I hope this information can prove helpful for you. I have saved the information from debug window and weblog in files here, but I cannot see that they contain anything to shed a light on the problem. Let me know if you would like to receive them by mail.

I could set up a packet analyzer to capture the packets between the EnigamTV-server and the Dreambox, but as you understand, this takes a bit of work to set up. In worst case, if you are unable to recreate these crashes, I might consider setting up a remote access to the devices for you. Let me know if you cannot see any reason why this crash only happens when changing channels from Android, and then we can discuss how I can best help you.

Kind regards from Norway,
Leif Henriksen

Posted on: 2014/9/7 21:53
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