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Re : : XIBO


Sorry but I don't understand what Xibo does ...
If you want to watch your dreambox into your network and just in vlc then you don't need Enigma-TV.
Just open the dreambox web interface and from there select a channel and click the button to open a stream.

Please, this is the 'introduce yourself' forum ...
If you need more info that are not related to my Enigma-TV then you can write on my Email (info AT
I' interrested about what you are trying to do

Best regards,

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I need some advice! I'm working in a school and at school we are using XIBO for digital signage. During the lunch break, some of my colleagues wants to watch the news on TV so I ordered a dreambox DM600 (dvb-T) device.

XIBO is running on a windows server 2003. On a xibo client there is no keyboard or mouse connected and I can only open a webpage (only IE) or run embed html code.

So my question. How can I use enigma to solve my problem? Can I simply open a webpage from a XIBO client and look to one of the tv channels in fullscreen without login and manually click on the play button? Because the client is connected to a LED tv without mouse, keyboard.

Or is there a stream (H264,..) which I can use in VLC (activeX) or jwplayer or other player and use embed html to watch the tv channel?

Is it better to install the software on the XIBO client or on the windows server? Accessing from the internet is not necessary. It's only for LAN viewing.

Any help or tips are welcome to solve my problem!!!

thanks in advance!!!!

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