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Hello, I want to share tv with my son... in another location, so I will try this one!

Posted on: 9/12 13:44

Webserving and port problems

Good evening , I have watched your tutorials and find the very imformative , I have go up to the part where the web server is green and enabled , I can watch it locally etc , But not outside my home , I have port forwarded as needed (Well so i think i have so) but when i right click window Open the web browser with public it just hangs and says This site can’t be reached . Any tips appreciated Thanks Craig

Posted on: 9/10 12:39

Hello Everyone

Hi All , I have a shiney new dm900 and it is working a treat !! A bit of reading to do here , I have donated too. Thanks

Posted on: 9/10 11:25

App per android

Buongiorno a tutti, ho scaricato la app per android ma non funziona. Mi da errore di connessione. Sono certo che i dati sono giusti. Qualche idea? grazie

Posted on: 9/3 20:32

Saluti a atutti

Buongiorno a tutti, mi chiamo gianluca.
Smanetto con VU+ solo2.

Spero sappiate aiutarmi con il post che sto per creare.
L'app enigma tv su android non si connette al mio vu+.


Posted on: 9/3 12:15

Stream only sound.

Hello, is it possible to stream only sound? I usually hear news.

Posted on: 9/2 8:59

Re: Server für Raspberry Pi 2


gibt es zu dem Thema Server auf Rasperry PI was neues? Mir scheint als wäre hier alles stehen geblieben. Mittlerweile gibt es ja leistungsstärkere Modelle.

Posted on: 8/24 16:18

Impossibile installare applicazione Windows 10

su windows 10 non è possibile installare l'applicazione. Questa viene bloccata perchè considerata rischiosa per la sicurezza del computer. Qualcuno sa come risolvere?

Posted on: 8/21 19:56


I all. L am from Portugal and i am very please to be among you.

Posted on: 8/14 19:10

EnigmaTV_WebServer hangs


I have a problem with the software.
The problems is that the software hangs, and cant shutdown normaly, or
in task manager. I's the proccess EnigmaTV_WebServer that hangs.
When I try to kill the prosses in task manager I got error "Access Denied."
I'm am admin of the windows user.

I've tried to reinstall it... even tried to format the pc, and innstalled a fresh innstall of windows7 64 bit.

So the error comes after I have been watching, using the EnigmaTV_WebServer.....
I have tried the Mongoose and ZMWS. It's no difference..

But if I just open the program and close it again, not using the stream parts, the program shuts down OK..
So When I whant to change channels, I have to reboot the pc... otherwice It just hangs...

So.... I'm out of ideas...


Posted on: 7/20 10:44

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