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Welcome to Enigma-TV Forum.

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English Forum English Forum

This is the english corner to discuss Enigma-TV.

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Introduce Yourself (RSS)
You can leave some information about you, that will help members knowing you.
Moderator: kk7712, pashcapone
278 752 2019/10/12 13:39 by Guest
Re: hello all  Go to last post
Help (RSS)
If you need help on Enigma-TV setup, ask here !
Moderator: kk7712, pashcapone
361 2082 2019/10/12 11:59 by scenic
HD scannels still hanging?  Go to last post
Bug Reporting (RSS)
If you find a bug, please report it in this area.
Moderator: kk7712, pashcapone
35 185 2017/9/23 14:37 by kk7712
Re: VU+Enigma2 sur XBMC  Go to last post
Request (RSS)
If you need a new feature to be implemented into the Enigma-TV tool, ask here !
Moderator: kk7712, pashcapone
43 249 2019/1/2 16:49 by fabius68
Re: Run server on my NAS  Go to last post
Miscellaneous (RSS)
Any other subject can be placed in section.
Moderator: kk7712, pashcapone
30 157 2019/1/7 22:27 by Guest
Re: Download  Go to last post

Forum Français Forum Français

Forum français pour les discussions à propos d'Enigma-TV.

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Présentez-vous (RSS)
Vous pouvez vous présenter et laisser des informations à propos de vous. Celà permettra aux utilisateurs de vous connaître.
Moderator: kk7712, pashcapone
129 368 2018/11/28 21:40 by Guest
presentation  Go to last post
Aide (RSS)
Vous avez besoin d'aide ? Alors demandez ici !
Moderator: kk7712, pashcapone
120 831 2019/2/21 10:08 by Moro
Diffusion des stream enigma2 en local  Go to last post
Rapport de bug (RSS)
Si vous trouvez un bug, reportez le ici.
Moderator: kk7712, pashcapone
12 65 2018/3/4 12:44 by Gda
Re: installation enigma2 iptv generator  Go to last post
Requête (RSS)
Vous souhaitez une nouvelle fonction dans Enigma-TV, demandez ici !
Moderator: kk7712, pashcapone
7 15 2015/5/9 12:48 by Sébastien
Re: enigma tv player sur clef usb  Go to last post
Divers (RSS)
Tout autre sujet vient se placer ici.
Moderator: kk7712, pashcapone
19 66 2017/11/21 21:14 by fethi2022
Aw: Key finden  Go to last post

Deutsches Forum Deutsches Forum

Deutsches Forum um über Enigma-TV zu diskutieren.

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Sich vorstellen (RSS)
Sie können einen Kommentar über Sie lassen. Das wird die Mitgliedern helfen Sie zu kennen.
Moderator: kk7712, pashcapone
52 134 2019/5/9 16:20 by Guest
Aw: Lizenz  Go to last post
Hilfe (RSS)
Wenn Sie Hilfe auf Enigma TV brauchen, fragen Sie hier !
Moderator: kk7712, pashcapone
131 712 2018/5/14 5:53 by dadeluxe
Re: Suche Iphone ipa  Go to last post
Bug Reporting (RSS)
Wenn Sie einen Fehler finden, melden Sie dies bitte in diesem Bereich.
Moderator: kk7712, pashcapone
6 41 2016/12/21 18:17 by Sébastien
Re : : Android 6.0.1  Go to last post
Wunsch (RSS)
Wenn Sie eine neue Funktion in die Enigma TV haben möchten, fragen sie hier !
Moderator: kk7712, pashcapone
20 78 2018/8/24 16:18 by smotomike
Re: Server für Raspberry Pi 2  Go to last post
Verschieden (RSS)
Jede andere Thema findet sich hier.
Moderator: kk7712, pashcapone
9 23 2017/3/20 21:07 by Sébastien
Re: Enigma auf Kodi  Go to last post

Italiano Forum Italiano Forum

Italiano forum per discutere Enigma-TV.
---->>>> Questo forum non è supportato da un amministratore

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Presentazioni (RSS)
Qui puoi lasciare un po 'di informazioni su di te, che aiuteranno gli altri utenti a conoscerti meglio.
Moderator: kk7712, pashcapone
435 1302 2019/3/18 20:55 by Guest
Ciao a tutti  Go to last post
Aiuto (RSS)
Chiedi qui se hai bisogno di aiuto per l'installazione di Enigma-TV !
Moderator: kk7712, pashcapone
256 1992 2018/12/12 15:05 by BlackCobra
Aiutooooooo  Go to last post
Segnalazione Bug (RSS)
Se trovi un bug sei pregato di segnalarlo in questa sezione.
Moderator: kk7712, pashcapone
11 39 2019/3/18 20:24 by antonyb
Cambio canale lento  Go to last post
Richieste (RSS)
Usa questa sezione se hai bisogno di una nuova funzionalità da implementare nell'Enigma-TV.
Moderator: kk7712, pashcapone
37 169 2018/6/5 12:16 by antonyb
Re: Caratteri piccoli  Go to last post
Miscellanea (RSS)
Ogni altra domanda può essere collocata in questa sezione.
Moderator: kk7712, pashcapone
38 119 2019/2/27 15:48 by Guest
Re: piccolo manuale fatto nel 2012 su...  Go to last post

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