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Re: Primo utilizzo

C'è una guida base da dove posso iniziare e capire dove sbaglio?


Posted on: 9/19 15:38

Re: Download

Disappointed no response why it's not available on Apple store.

Posted on: 9/17 20:12

Re: Download


Posted on: 9/16 13:20

Re: probleme de fonctionnement mode controle internet

aucune réponse ou avis d'expert???? pour résoudre ce problème

Posted on: 9/15 18:05


Where is the link for Apple Store, both U.K and USA stores don't have the files to download so I cannot install it on my iPad.


Posted on: 9/15 17:17

Streamport ändern

Hi, ich nutze auf meinem Iphone ein Programm namens Blackbox um mich mit meiner dm800se zu verbinden. Aufgrund von fremden Zugriffen musste ich den Web- & Streamingport ändern. In meiner App kann ich die Ports ganz einfach einstellen und alles funktioniert. Bei EnigmaTV ist der Webport ja auch auswählbar & ich kann mich somit auch mit meiner Dreambox verbinden. Allerdings bekomme ich kein Bild, weil er wohl den Streaming Port nicht findet. Eine Portweiterleitung habe ich in der Fritzbox drin. Was mache ich falsch? Danke für Eure Hiilfe!

Attach file:

png  Enigma.png (73.78 KB)
7549_59bb06de6c5dc.png 359X640 px

png  enigmatv.png (18.22 KB)
7549_59bb079fee43d.png 407X344 px

png  fritz.png (7.83 KB)
7549_59bb093a5e480.png 758X110 px

Posted on: 9/15 0:59

Re: Primo utilizzo


kk7712 wrote:

Bobo360 wrote:
Quindi per il remote ci vuole la licenza.
Ma per i problemi qui sotto?
Per vedere se funziona in locale?

Bobo360 wrote:
Ho provato, inserito tutto.
Ip dec, ip router
porte ecc...
Già in locale l'immagine spunta a stento e si blocca.
Figuriamoci in remoto.
Non riesco

Per farlo funzionare in remoto, bisogna aquistare la licenza.
se va lento in locale è problema di configurazione del programma e router

Per ora tralasciando il remoto, ho problemi già in locale, quali sono i passi base o cosa sbaglio?
Ho installato le cose giuste?
Possiamo partire dalla base?

Altra domanda,ma se installo il programma su un pc, e voglio cambiare pc. serve un altra licenza o la posso spostare?


Posted on: 9/14 19:43

Re: Problema con licenza enigma tv

Grazie problema risolto.Saluti

Posted on: 9/13 17:08

Re: stream redirection handling

I have had the dev of the software confirm it is a problem with enigma tv and not a problem with the satellite receiver.


Posted on: 9/13 14:30

Re: stream redirection handling

this is the server's debug log
and the request to get stream was handled and returned with out failure:

13.09 21:47:42 [2af5d4c0DBG SRV -- new request
13.09 21
:47:42 [2af5d4c0INF SRV -- GET /web/stream.m3uq=ref=1:0:1:40e:16:2f:6400000:0:0:0:&name=nothing
13.09 21
:47:42 [2af5d4c0DBG CLI -- GET: /queryraw?getaktservice
13.09 21
:47:42 [2af5d4c0DBG CLI -- OKlen=105
13.09 21
:47:42 [2af5d4c0INF SRV -- 200 OKlen=79
13.09 21
:47:42 [2af5d4c0DBG SRV -- request handled

The command GET /web/stream.m3u, q=ref=1:0:1:40e:16:2f:6400000:0:0:0:&name=nothing is correct so there seems to be a fault with enigma tv and its handling of the port redirection.

Is there somewhere I can post a bug ticket so the dev can look into this?

Posted on: 9/13 14:21