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Re: hello all


Date de publication : 12/10/2019 13:39

HD scannels still hanging?

Hello Sébastien ,
I have a question since I have recently registered with ENIGMA-TV.
Have also made the payment via pay-pal.
I have managed to watch the TV channels externally as well,so far so good.
The SD channels all work super but HD keeps on stopping and stops
is still doing something about it.
Another question is also being worked on a new version update for ENIGMA TV.
I read in the forum that you were doing this.
Hope to return a comment,
Sincerely Scenic.

Date de publication : 12/10/2019 11:59

New Member

My name is Scenic and I'm from the Netherlands.
I have a dreambox receiver where I would like
to receive the TV channels outside my home network.
So I ended up on this forum.
Hopefully I find my answers here.

PS, it will still be commented on this forum
and it is still up to date.

Sincerely, Scenic.

Date de publication : 12/10/2019 11:32

Re: Webserving and port problems

hi jabba did you get a reply, whenever I post anything or e mail enigma tv I get NO REPLY, most unhelpful forum

Date de publication : 04/09/2019 19:41

Re: Video Bitrate -> No influence

Hi sebastian, have set up Enigma TV to work externally, everything comes up in terms of provider, channels, EPG etc, however as soon as I touch the play arrow on the Enigma TV Screen, it returns error 404, any ideas what I am doing wrong

Kindest Regards

Bob Gray

Date de publication : 29/07/2019 20:53

no license key after payment

hi i purchased yesterday14/07 a licence 7,99 today 15 /07 i still no key license how long i need to wait to get a key thanks

Date de publication : 15/07/2019 12:59

Flash works only in IE 11


When I try to play in a modern browser it will just download the stream. I can only get it to play normally with Internet Explorer 11....


Date de publication : 01/07/2019 20:26

Aw: Lizenz

Hat das bei Euch reibungslos funktioniert?

Date de publication : 09/05/2019 16:20


Hallo, habe mich letzte Woche regestriert und benötige Hilfe.
Ich habe dann eine Lizenz per PayPal gekauft. Diese taucht jedoch nirgends auf.
Was muss ich tun?
Vielen Dank für jegliche Unterstützung.

Gruss daxjaeger

Date de publication : 08/05/2019 21:35



Date de publication : 02/05/2019 15:32