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Enigma-TV Partners

Partner Description Hits Cyrus Settings Team
Cyrus Enigma 1 & 2 decoder settings.
3086 Dreambox IT
Italian Decoder Site: All For Dreambox
2703 OpenBlackHole Image by Toysoft
Official DE OpenBlackHole BH 1.4 Image including patches, DTS Surround, DVB-T Automatic, CrossEPG, Cron, WebInterface working and Inadyn, DynDNS plugins preinstalled.
2184 Smart IPTV
Watch IPTV channels on MAG 250, LG and Samsung TV's ! Android app coming soon.
1984 SatLink France Officiel
Mesureur Pointeur Réglage d'Antenne, SATELLITE ET TNT. Une gamme entière et complète, Pour les particuliers et les PROS.